Monday, February 28, 2011

They Say the Germans Love David Hasselhoff … Wait ‘Til they Get A Load of Us!

Most people pick a wedding date, start planning the big day and then pick a honeymoon destination. We, on the other hand, are revolving the wedding around our honeymoon plans to Oktoberfest in Germany. And, well, since Oktoberfest really only happens at one point each year (don’t be fooled by the name – it’s really in September. I’m thinking this naming accident is due to the Germans getting so drunk they pass out and don’t wake up until the next month and don’t really remember exactly which month they started partying in the first place … but I hear there’s like an actual, real reason it’s named that), we sort of have to get married prior to that time.

And so we’re getting married in the summer … in Florida … which is the middle of the busiest part of hurricane season. But, hey, no worries. Hot, sticky, humid rain is good luck for your wedding day, right? (or so it was once said by someone who was super bummed about the stormy weather on their big day). Besides, we’re keeping it all indoors. And, really, who cares if everyone gets soaked on the way out? Not us! You know why? Because we’re going to Oktoberfest – that’s why. And there’s just no arguing with fine German Hefeweizens and lederhosen.

But, of course, like most couples we want to have luxurious accommodations to crash in after binge drinking our way through Bavaria (and seeing the sights too, of course) so we’ve decided to take a nice upscale tour of the region – stay in castles, traverse to the top of the Alps, dine on the most upscale pretzels found anywhere. After all, this IS our honeymoon. But, it’s also just a little expensive. And so I’ve gone into total bargain hunting mode – steadily monitoring plane ticket prices, calling the tour company a few times a week to see if it’s gone on sale yet and generally scouring the interest for any kind of deal at all that I can find. I was so busy with all that I forgot to actually book our hotel for our time after the tour … the time in Munich … you know, the time during while we’ll actually be experiencing Oktoberfest. In other words, I forgot to book the most important part of the trip – the entire reason we’re going to Germany in the first place. And, well, it seems I may have waited a little too long. There is still some – slim – hotel availability. But it don’t come cheap. It seems that people really, really like to drink. And, shockingly, they all like to have a place to lay their heads for the night when they’re done. Who knew?

I guess this just proves that I should go ahead and book the rest of the vacation now before it too goes up in price. But I am stubborn. I will likely search for deals for a few more weeks until plane tickets rise to an unbearable level and then, and only then, will I panic and make the purchase. Ahh – the bargain hunter’s logic! Funny enough, the whole reason we decided to do a tour in the first place was because my husband to be said he wanted something totally easy and stress free that we didn’t have to plan and, therefore, would have all that time to devote to wedding planning instead.

Ah yes … wedding planning … I should really get started on that … sometime. Just let me check real quick first …


  1. Expedia's got that "low price guarantee" ... book now, and if someone gets a lower price, you get money back (or so the commercials say).

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I've never tried it before, but it's not a bad idea (assuming it works).