Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fighting for Our Right … to PARTY

I’m no expert event planner, but I have been to enough parties to understand that having a theme is everything. I mean, which party sounds more fun to you?
  • Party at Steve’s house on Saturday night. Bring snacks.
  • Tiki Bash at Steve’s house on Saturday night. Slap on a coconut bra, don’t forget your grass skirt and work on your moves for the hula contest.
No brainer, right? But, I think there’s something about the traditions and the “seriousness” that people have long associated with weddings that prevents many people from really cutting loose and celebrating in a big, blowout sort of way like this. More often than not, the weddings I’ve attended have been “wedding” themed weddings. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say they’re “romance/love” themed weddings, which is pretty much the same thing. The best are the “look how much money we have” themed weddings, but those are harder find (or else I just don’t run in the right circle). While these events are fun, and couples always find their own creative ways to showcase their personal style, I find it all too subtle for my taste. I mean, if I’m throwing a party – the biggest party of my whole adult life – it’s going to be a paaarrrtaayyy!!

I don’t recall Groom-A-Saurus Rex and I ever having an actual discussion about if there would be a theme for our wedding. Nor did we have any formal sit-downs where we said what that theme would be. From day one of our engagement we both just knew – our wedding is going to be rockin’!

There’s nothing subdued about a rock and roll theme, nor should there be. It should be loud and in your face from the first second until the last. And we can't wait to party on!

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