Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puppy Love

If it weren’t for my impending nuptials I believe that people would start calling me “the crazy dog lady.” Well, people probably call me that anyway, but somehow cohabitating with another human (preferably in a romantic context) somewhat legitimizes your supposed normalcy. I guess the logic is that if someone who walks on two legs doesn’t think you’re too crazy to live with, then surely you haven’t sunk completely into the lifestyle the likes of which one might witness on the program “Pet Hoarders.”

Yes, I do have non-canine friends. But, to say that I am obsessed with my dogs and consider them the same as children (much to the disgusted chagrin of those who have actual offspring) would be an accurate assessment of my life. I think what makes the matter worse is the fact that I don’t eat meat. Somehow being a vegetarian who is often known to buy cute little outfits for tiny powderpuff-like dogs and posts endless photos of this type of behavior on Facebook tends to cause people to make judgment calls about you as a person.

Do I love animals? Sure. But let’s not over generalize here. Really it’s just dogs. No, it’s MY dogs. Other pooches may or may not be considered adorable in my estimation. And cats, for example, are a creature that I just don't get. They come off as aloof, claw up your furniture and poop in your house. My feelings are the same for iguanas. Or snakes. Or goldfish. Or hamsters. That said, even if I don't "get" your choice of pet, I'll still refrain from eating them. I'm pretty nice like that.

Wait, what's that? You want to see even MORE pictures of my doggies? I think I have some right here. Enjoy ;)

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