Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step 1: We Can Have Lots of Fun

Guess what folks – we finally got down to business and planned this wedding! In one weekend we managed to book a florist, hair/make-up “artist” (and I secured a hair accessory that I hope will work with whatever hair style I decide to go with), made cake selections, arranged for a rehearsal and the subsequent dinner to follow, and I even squeezed into my wedding dress during the latest fitting (sitting is still a problem, but I’m sure I can suck in all throughout dinner, right?) Not to mention that we also took care of our stairway problem (okay, so maybe my Dad made those for us, but I’m still marking it on the “done” list – so there).

I think it’s high time we took a break from all this hard (eh, hard-ish) work. That’s right friends – we’re off on a weddingmoon (a pre-wedding honeymoon … you know, a trip to kick-back, relax and get away from the stress and burden of all that planning and whatnot). There’s just one little problem – we’re not exactly the type of people who are good at just relaxing. But we’re going to try. We’re heading down to South Florida for a long weekend (I know you’re not supposed to tell people that … what if they’re burglars? Well listen here burglars – in addition to the two fearsome guard dogs protecting our home, who have a combined weight of nearly 30 pounds, we have house sitters staying over as well. So consider your efforts thwarted) and we’ve booked a nice, laid-back stay at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino … okay, well, maybe we just need a thing or two to keep us busy in case the endless miles of beaches, resort pools, bars, restaurants and other chill lounge areas aren’t enough to hold our attention.

Maybe we have adult ADD (and I say “we” because neither of us can sit still for very long. Oh look – something shiny!!! Let’s find out what it is). Where was I? Oh, right – we picked an action-packed hotel because we’re action-packed people and we need to be surrounded by, well, activity. Although, yes, we do want to lounge … enjoy the sun and sand … take a dip or two … read a little (“reading” is this new activity my Groom-A-Saurus Rex just discovered) … all that stuff. But we do have something to fear when it comes to planning an outdoor vacation during July (besides the heat and damaging UV rays) because it is, after all, hurricane season. And with all these tropical storms out there right now with menacing named like “Bret” and “Cindy” (don’t you feel like cataclysmic storms capable of destroying cities and murdering thousands should have names that don’t remind you of 4-year-olds who have yuppies for parents?) we are little concerned – not of the threat they pose to the coastline. No, they are too far out for that. But they do bring with them rain – lots of it. And it’s been never ending for a couple weeks now. And in the event it literally rains on our parade, we’d like to have some fun indoor options as well … like gambling … or shopping … or dancing … pretty much anything other than sitting in our hotel room watching “Golden Girls” re-runs (not that I don’t love that program. It’s a timeless classic after all). And, lucky me, I even found a Groupon for one of the restaurants at our hotel!

Of course, before we can get to all that relaxing (or whatever) we just have a few small stops to make on our way to the Hard Rock. First up, the NKOTBSB concert* (this one GAR is not joining me for – instead I am attending with Sapphire and Jeep … friends who were both born in the 80s … leading me to believe that I’ll be the only one Hangin’ Tough at the show as they were both going through potty training when I was learning about The Right Stuff the first time around). Then, of course, there is the drive to West Palm Beach where GAR will golf with his BFF, I have a wedding shower to attend in Fort Lauderdale, then there is dinner with friends, a potential beach party … See, just a few, little, teeny things to do along the way. But then it’s straight onto the Hard Rock for some sweet, sweet relaxation. Ahhhh … sweet, sweet slot machine, dance club, bar hopping relaxation.

See you when we get back!

* At some point in the early 90s it became horribly “lame” to admit that you had ever liked NKOTB … but, come on, we all did. While I was smart enough to promptly stop liking them at that point I never denied my former fandom. But, most of my classmates – those who only a week earlier had a life-size poster of Jordan hung on their bedroom wall and had been fervently declaring themselves the “biggest fan ever” – refused to admit that they had ever thought NKOTB was cool. Now, thanks to facebook, I see all these very same ladies once again getting jazzed about seeing them in concert. HA! I knew it! And I’m call you – yes YOU – out about it. I guess this just proves what I always knew all along – I really AM the biggest fan ever.

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  1. For the record - I can assure you that Sapphire was potty trained by the time New Kids came on the scene. And I knew most every word last night:)