Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buying a Stairway to Heaven

When Groom-A-Saurus Rex (a.k.a. GAR) and I decided on a big, overblown rock and roll theme to our wedding we felt the most important element of our big day would be the location. You may recall the struggles we had getting anyone to take our money when we first searched for venues, which was (no doubt) partially due to the fact that we were thinking out of the box and looking at places that weren’t generally known as wedding venues. And that’s because we had one very specific criterion for the ceremony – we wanted to, in true rock star style, get married on stage.

And we found a venue – a bar actually – that would allow us to do just that. Not only does the bar have a super cool look to it, but the stage (which is normally used by flamenco dancers) makes for a perfect rock star perch for us, while all our adoring “fans” can watch us say “I do” from their high top bar tables.

There’s just one little problem – there’s no way for us to actually get up on stage.

Oh sure, there are steps, but they are located backstage. I think it might look a little odd if we walked down the aisle and then disappeared behind a curtain for some time before finally emerging up on the stage. It seems a little disjointed and decidedly not very posh. And so we set about buying (or renting) a “stairway to heaven” that would take us from here to there. But thus far we haven’t had too much success finding something pre-made that will do the trick. So now we are contemplating (or I am actually, I really should run these things by GAR before proclaiming them on here) whether or not we can just make the steps ourselves.

I think we can. I mean, we’ve proven ourselves to be rather crafty thus far in matters of home improvement. And necessity is the mother of invention (or something like that). I’m sure a little Googling will provide us with proper enough DIY instruction. How hard can it be? A few hours of frustrated cursing and hammering on our fingers instead of the boards should do the trick. We just need to make the contraption sturdy enough to not send me toppling over with my dress flying overhead, showing off London and France to our wedding guests (which, with my tendencies for clumsiness, cannot be guaranteed regardless of the quality of the construction). We just need to channel our inner roadies and make it work!

And if all else fails there’s always Plan B – bodysurfing my way to the stage.
Here is the bar in question. We need to make it up there - up where the speakers and equipment are located - in order to say our vows.

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  1. Sounds like another project for your dad to come down and work on. Though personally I would go for a ramp instead of stairs....and you might be able to rent a ramp