Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Private Eyes, They’re Watching You

This past weekend I travelled back to my homeland – Michigan. I was there for a wedding. Or, as a bride-to-be such as myself would call it, “research.”

Oh sure, I could sit here and pretend that I wasn’t paying extra attention to every detail of the event but – come on – of course I was. It’s not a competition (though if I’m to judge by the horribly vapid wedding shows presented on basic cable, to some women it really is a “how can my wedding be better than this one?” posturing), for me it’s just a matter of “what details am I forgetting about?” I mean, I think GAR and I have the basics covered, but I have a feeling there’s a lot of little moving parts that we could forget about if we don’t pay attention. And so, during this wedding, I evaluated and made mental notes and tried to prepare myself for all the things that still need to get done for my own shindig.

To be perfectly honest, there’s so many things at weddings I don’t pay that much attention to. I’ll remember if something embarrassing happened, or what kind of bar there was (oh yes, I always remember the liquor … the food maybe not as much, but always the booze) and, of course, I always recall how beautiful the bride looked (though, to be fair, I do tend to surround myself with gorgeousness), but beyond that I don’t notice the little details unless they are real show stoppers. And that makes it harder when you start planning your own affair. I’m constantly trying to remember “how was this handled at other weddings?” I need something for comparison. And this weekend worked nicely for this purpose (oh, and I had a great time and was honored to be there, of course).

But there was one little thing that happened at this wedding that I absolutely, positively cannot stand to happen on my big day – it snowed (a real bummer since the only coat I still have in Michigan is my high school letter jacket … and it really clashed with my outfit).

Granted, I am getting married in the summer in Florida so this prospect seems unlikely at best (and not freakin’ possible – like actually defying all rational possibility – at worst). But it is hurricane season and so I really should be considering the weather. And it did get me thinking about something I might not have otherwise – photography back-up plans. Okay, fair enough, I hadn’t even thought about photography locations at all (add that to the list of “to dos” as well). But, of course, now I will also think up a back-up plan should my original plans call for photos outdoors. See – so many little things to think about.

I’m actually attending several more weddings this year. But I won’t get to use those as research – they all take place after mine. And so, for those future brides (and their respective GARs) who will be attending my wedding and doing their own “research,” feel free to take notes. But don’t you dare go bridezilla on me and start thinking of ways to one-up my event or else, so help me, I will make it blizzard on your big day. And I can do it too. I mean, if I can make it snow in the middle of spring then surely I can pull it off during the autumn as well … or at least conjure up a nice hail storm.


  1. I saw this blog post featuring these musical invitations and thought of you! Sounds like an easy DIY project for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  2. Holy cow that is cool!! And, quite possibly, far too complicated for many of my loved ones to figure out ;)