Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blingless in Orlando

I have something shameful to admit – I can’t get my engagement ring off my finger. I haven’t been able to for awhile now. And for the past few weeks, even when I could get it off, it required more than some gentle persuading to free it from my finger. I have yanked and tore up my ring finger shoving the ring on and wriggling it back off again and now it’s so swollen that it just won’t budge. And today I doused my finger with Windex in order to pull it off (a trick they taught me at the jewelry store when they offered to clean it for me and I couldn’t pry it loose there either), but I’m worried that in the morning it just won’t go back on at all. But it’s my fault – I insisted they make it this small.

When GAR first gave me the ring it was too big. It just kept sliding all around my dainty finger (yes, I have very slim fingers. In college I was “discovered” by an agent who wanted to make me a hand model. Oh how I rue the day I turned down that offer for making these delightful digits of mine big movie stars). Naturally I took it to the jeweler to have it sized down. And while doing so, I also ordered my matching wedding band. But, see, they don’t really have a pre-made band that matches. So of course I did what any bride on a strict money-saving budget would do – I insisted that one be custom made just for me. I mean, it has to be perfect, right? I want it to sit nice and flush and match perfectly. And, while I might not be a girly girl about many things, I do love me some bling.

And so my ring was shipped away for several weeks while artisans handcrafted a matching wedding band partner for it. During that time I missed it dearly. And, since many people were still just learning of the engagement, I felt like a charlatan when I had no bling to show off to them as proof (oh the skeptical stares “they” give you when you don’t have adequate ice to show that your partner truly loves you enough to spend 3 months salary on a token). When I got it back (along with its gorgeous custom-made counterpart) everything was wonderful again. But then it got hot outside (as Florida tends to be this time of year) and my fingers started swelling. And … well … that brings us to where we are now.

I know I have to get it sized again. GAR can’t be expected to spend 20 minutes trying to put the ring on my finger during the ceremony. And while alterations won’t take weeks this time, it does mean having both rings resized … again. And what if I lose weight? Will I then have to have them taken down again? I just can’t stand the thought of it all. And so I’m holding off … just a little while. But I’d better keep the Windex handy just in case.

By the way, after seeing my wedding band, GAR insisted on having his custom made too. He drew up a design featuring a channel of black diamonds (set in a band of white gold which, of course, is pricier than other metals but it does meet his main requirement for the ring – it is sizeable. Apparently he thinks he’ll need this option as well). We picked up the finished product this weekend and I must say that it’s stunning. He wore it around all day (despite people crying out that he’s not supposed to do so … though I’m not sure why exactly) and it was hard for him to part with it when we got home that evening. So I guess I’m not the only one who hates the thought of being blingless. In fact, he’s looking at “engagement bands” online right now. He figures that if I get something to wear between now and the wedding, why can’t he have a little somethin’ somethin’ as well? Can’t say I disagree with that logic!
Now, come on, how we could not want to sport all this bling?

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