Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Not To Plan A Wedding

At some point during the past 7 months I guess I forgot to plan my wedding.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened. I remember GAR and I talking a lot about it in the beginning … making decisions, doing our research … And, sure, we didn’t completely forget about it. I know I’ve written a few blog posts on the topic along the way. Heck, just a little over a month ago I wrote one such post where I began to panic about the huge list of “to dos” in front of me. Apparently, however, this panic did not implore me to take action (unless you count typing out my frustrations on this keyboard as “action”).

I’m guessing the first step would have been to print off some sort of checklist. You know, a guide of what needs to be done and when I should accomplish it. Yeah, that would have been wise.

To be honest, I don’t even know yet the full extent of what I haven’t planned. But I do have a feeling those “yet to be done” items will creep up on me over the next few weeks. Some things were simple – we picked a photographer before we even picked a location or a date. And we managed to wrangle up someone to marry us, and someone to spin some tunes as well. But, despite my rants about cakes, we still haven’t worked that out. Nor do I have flowers, a rehearsal time or dinner location, a hotel room to stay in, a clue on how I will be getting to/from the wedding, someone to do my hair/make-up, and, while I did snag something blue, when it comes to things old and borrowed I am at a loss. Plus there’s a few other odds and ends to work out. You know – the little things.

But we do have some very rock & roll boutonnieres for GAR and his men to wear – we spent all weekend making them ourselves while watching movies 1-6 in the Harry Potter series.

Ah, and therein lies our real issue – we’re avoiders. Oh sure, we’ll show up for fun wedding activities like menu tastings, but when it comes to drawing up seating charts and mapping out place cards we somehow instead end up painting our house (get off our backs – it’s almost done. It’s only been 4 months now that we’ve been working on it!), or practicing our beer drinking skills at the theme parks, or, you know, watching a certain boy wizard age from 12 to 17 in one weekend (well we have to be prepared for the last movie – it comes out on Friday you know). Okay, yes, I’ll admit it – we’ve been a little lazy about nailing down the finer points of our big event. But did I mention that Home Depot was having a huge sale on paint last weekend? And we couldn’t help but also buy new tile for the guest bath … you know, for when we redo that room. I mean, it was on sale - SALE! How could I resist?

But I’m sure our big day will come together just fine. That’s why I’ve packed as much of the planning as possible into one solid, action-packed weekend – THIS weekend. Oh yes, I’ve got dress fittings, cake tastings, floral arranging, centerpiece picking outing, wedding program making, hotel arrangement bookings, rehearsal planning and a whole lot of other wedding activities all lined up to do in just my small amount of spare time this week (and perhaps we’ll see the all-grown-up Potter battle He Who Must Not Be Named as well – I mean, come on, did I mention it’s the last in the series?)

Friday night I really should pull all the painting tape off the front of the house though - it's really not supposed to stay on there this long. And, of course, I have to go to SeaWorld on Saturday. I promised my friend Jeep we'd go. But I'm sure I’ll still have plenty of time for all the wedding planning stuff, right?

On Sunday – yeah, Sunday … THAT’s when I’ll get all this other stuff done.

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