Monday, June 27, 2011

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post is About You …

Welcome to the first day of the “Summer of Me!” Although, I realize that by calling it this I am, most likely, setting myself up for a disastrous 3 months of bugs flying in my mouth, broken limbs and other immobilizing misfortunes. Regardless, as the remaining time before the big day dwindles I am suddenly struck with the sudden importance of focusing on myself for a change.

And it is a change. In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to spread myself a little thin – I love to go, go, go … do, do, do … and since I’m a natural planner I am always planning things to do, people to see, get-togethers, shindigs, soirees … you name it. And, well, I’m feeling like a kid with parents who, in an attempt to keep her “well rounded,” are constantly shuffling her between school, ballet practice, t-ball, cello lessons and Latin class. In other words, I’m overscheduled. And, frankly, I don’t have time for you anymore. No, not you loyal bloggers – I need you. Or, rather, I need this blog as an outlet – a reprieve from the other activities I suck myself into (see, it really is all about me). No, what I don’t have time for anymore is putting other things first – things other than my own needs and wants. After all, shouldn’t I love myself most? Treat myself the nicest? Sweep myself off my feet?

Also, since I’m about to embark on this whole “two becoming one” journey I should clarify that when I call this the “Summer of Me” what I really mean is that it’s the “Summer of Me + GAR” – so, yes, I am putting “we” first, not simply “me” (since I already see us as unit those terms can be used interchangeably in my mind).

So, yes, I am going to be selfish. Okay, well maybe just a little (I have a feeling my old friend “guilt” will really not let me focus on myself as much as I probably should) … it’s not so much about being egotistical as it is about being ego-centric. I need to focus on me or else I won’t have any balance (or get what I need to do accomplished) between now and the wedding. From now on if you wonder why I haven’t planned a summer pool party, know that it’s because I’m too busy getting a facial. Expecting me to organize a girl’s night? Nope, I’m working on our wedding program. Thinking it’s been awhile since I suggested a road trip? That e-vite isn’t comin’, I’m painting my guest bedroom instead.
Not that I won’t still make an appearance at whatever event you’ve planned … but, to be honest, without my intervention – and mad planning skills – it seems like my dance card isn’t nearly as full. But, it will be – with other, “me”-focused activities I mean.

Already my new self-centered attitude has allowed me to discover a level of personal vanity I’ve never had before. I’ve finally scheduled an appointment for the teeth whitening services I purchased on Groupon. And I’ve joined a fitness boot camp in the hopes that all those extra squats, lunges, pull-ups, kettle ball swings and other torturous back aching exercises will keep me svelte (or at least not busting out of my wedding dress) from now until the honeymoon, at which point I can destroy all my hard work by redirecting my focus to chugging liters of beer and devouring giant carb-loaded pretzels. Most importantly, GAR and I are also scheduling a little “us time” in the form of a weddingmoon … wait, no, I’ll save that story for another day.

For now, enjoy this shot of us preparing our stomachs for Oktoberfest … because I do still believe that planning is key to making the most out of every experience.

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