Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My husband-to-be, GAR, suggested that I write a post about him. He cleverly titled this proposed post “GAR-isms” and I’m sure that, in doing so, he pictured me babbling on about all the supposedly witty and subtly intelligent things he believes he says and does daily.

Sorry babe, that is not what this post is about.

Not that I don’t love him dearly. And, of course, I do find him to be very humorous and charming. However, with this week being his spring break (and that fact that a grown man still gets to enjoy an annual spring break is envy-worthy enough), there is at least one “GAR-ism” that I feel compelled to share here … and I’m certain it’s not what he had in mind when he suggested this topic.

Writer’s Note: Before going any further I also feel compelled to point out that, in case you are not aware of his profession, this spring break for Professor GAR gives him a break from teaching for the week. What’s most interesting to note is that this semester GAR only teaches one (1) course. So, in essence, this week he is not required to perform the 3 hours of work he generally is “forced” to complete weekly. Obviously you can see how this gives him oodles of additional extra time he normally doesn’t have.

What to do with an entire week off work? This question is a big one in our house, and GAR is always full of ideas on how to make the most out of these extra moments. But herein lies the problem – he is full of far too many ideas of how to spend this free time. In fact, he has so many wise ideas that, by the time March rolls around each year, his list of promised “to dos” is monumental in size and scope. Here are just a few examples of items he’s said he’ll get around to doing “during spring break”:
·         Make a dentist appointment
·         Go down to West Palm for a few days to golf
·         Paint the entire exterior of the house
·         Pick out a suit for the wedding
·         Work on the yard
·         Get new passport photos taken
·         Paint a second coat in the kitchen
·         Redesign his counseling website
·         Write academic articles
·         Review academic articles
·         Get caught up on grading his students
·         Redo the closet in his home office
·         Make me a home-cooked breakfast each morning
·         Clean the pool
·         Go shopping
·         Finish up any incomplete trim work in the bedroom
·         Buy records at the Salvation Army
·         Grab a bite to eat with friends he hasn’t seen in awhile
·         Go to Universal and ride the Harry Potter ride again
·         Work out every day at the gym
·         Join a NEW gym
·         Attend a Spring Training game

We’re now 5 days into spring break. The verdict? So far he’s done 3 of the items on this list – gone shopping, gotten new passport photos taken and made me breakfast (only twice though). A fourth item (attend a Spring Training game) should get knocked off the list this weekend. Overall I think this is a new record in terms of number of items actually accomplished during his time off.

As for the other items on this list – well, he’ll just have to get around to those during his 6-week summer vacation.

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