Monday, May 2, 2011

Without A Trace of Grout in My Mind

Tonight I kicked butt at the gym. Or I kinda worked up a sweat. But, either way, I know it’s not enough because I still need to lose 10 pounds by this weekend. Of course I realize this might seem like a slightly unreasonable accomplishment but, you see, I have to find a way to squeeze back into my bikini right away because ...

My pool is officially done!!

Or, it will be done after we do a little last minute touch-up work and whatnot. But the hard part – the re-tiling, the re-surfacing, the re-filling with a garden hose for what seemed like days on end (we’re dreading that water bill) – is over. And, really, the whole thing is already green lit for splishing and splashing immediately. Except I’m not ready. I planned on being much more svelte and significantly less curvy (oh yes, people say they like curvy women but if I’m to believe the images shown in mass media I would be swayed to think otherwise. Perhaps I should try whatever diet turned Kate Middleton’s waif-like figure into pure skin and bones in time for her wedding) by the time this day came. And, as we humans are prone to do, I really fell off the eating healthy wagon … and then continued to stay down on the ground munching on chocolate and scraps of fried goodness for far too long.

And all of this comes after I bought myself so much extra time to get fit too. I mean, I dragged out the tile selection process as long as humanly possible, hemming and hawing … comparing the tile samples I liked to the pool surface color choices … going back and forth mixing and matching colors to achieve the perfect combo … asking for expert (and not at all expert) opinions on what they would do … holding off on getting the work done and claiming I needed to think about whether we should even do it … I mean, the indecision I subjected myself (and GAR … and the pool company …) to was extensive. Surely I could have used that time to also work out and eat some leafy greens, right? And then of course there was Grout-mageddon 2011.

Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but when I awoke one morning to find the pool guy putting white grout – WHITE – in between my brownish tan and goldish glass tile combo that I had spent weeks fretting over I had a little panicky moment where I knew (and complained to GAR) that it just did not look right. Of course it was my fault … I hadn’t thought to specify a grout color up front. But, being the color combo perfectionist that I am, I knew it had to be undone … but I also had to get to work. And so I left GAR in charge of telling the workers to please cease and desist … oh, and could they kindly remove the white grout, undo all their work and start again with a color of our choosing (which had yet to be chosen). I then had to hurriedly make the final grout color selection via text message images, all the while worrying that the colors I saw on my iPhone were not the same as how it would appear in the water. I was further panicked when told by someone that the original pool surface color we picked would cause the water in the pool to appear greenish, which sent us into a “we’ve changed our mind” tizzy as well.

But, in the end, it all turned out beautifully. Totally sexy and lagoon-y in appearance. There is not a grout – errr, I mean, doubt – in my mind that we made the perfect choices. And, see, I really did so much to buy myself extra time. I don’t know what else I could have done … except, of course, used all that additional indecisive time to actually work out and eat right so that I could enjoy this perfect pool once this day came. Instead I have only enjoyed swimming in it thus far while fully clad – a tradition GAR and I started when we first moved into our home last year and cannonballed, clothing and all, into our pool to celebrate. So, yes, we repeated this tradition again now … to break in the new pool in the same manner. But, let’s face it, next time I’m going to have no excuse not to put on slightly slinkier bathing materials. And now that we finally got around to painting the house I’m going to want to use it as much as possible to cool down. Unless I can find more ways to let my indecision slow things down. Hey, now that I mention it I really should do some swimsuit shopping first … and maybe I don’t really like the color we picked for the house – I should rethink that as well … and this weekend is pretty busy anyway with Mother’s Day and graduation and … and …
But it does look so inviting!
You can really see how our tile and grout decisions paid off in the hot tub.

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